I am Chi Chün Lie, online marketer and designer for all your data and visuals. A static or video post for your socials? The layout of your e-book? No problemo, you can come to me to get this done perfectly. But I am also the right person for automating all your reports and visualising your data. At Prodos you really have a place to grow in anything that has to do with online marketing. And not unimportantly, there is a great atmosphere on the work floor. This is what gives me the pleasure of working here.

Quiet weekends are the best after a week of hard work. Just being able to do your own thing like: watch a film, play games and socialise with friends, both live and online. Of course, these are things you can just do after work to relax, but you can enjoy them even more on the weekends. What I really stay awake for is when something interesting happens such as: an event, a new game you have been looking forward to for years or a beautiful story within reading material and/or beautiful visualisation of (animated) films.

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