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We are an international online growth boosting company hired by e-commerce start-ups, scale-ups and accelerators that need to hit revenue/profit targets. We are focused on structural growth through combining the latest growth leveraging tactics on all relevant online platforms and channels led by our custom-made Prodos GrowthMap.

We have a 100% successratio with leading e-commerce companies like Wijnvoordeel, Charlie Temple, Lazy Susan. We only work with ambitious companies.


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Growth programs

Are you ambitious, do you see potential and do you wish to grow? Whether you want to start up, scale up or expand, a good strategy is the foundation of your starting point. Together, we develop a Prodos Growth Map that is adjusted to your business. With your growth plan, we determine the best strategy and approach based on data and insights. We offer you a unique collaboration, by being there for you as a partner for your online growth. Discover our growth programs and unique approach.

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Our work

We’ve been closely working together with our clients for many years. From international garden furniture webshops and fashion brands to coffee and wine labels, we build growth and success for our ambitious clients on a daily basis. Want to know what companies preceded you? Take a look here.

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Our services

Within various growth programs we offer a uniquely adjusted approach of channels and activities. Do you want to outsource or do it yourself? You can consult us about this. How? We determine the approach together and then our specialists work to make your goals a reality. We do that in accordance with the four pillars of online marketing:


Strategie & Data

You are ambitious, you wish to grow and you have goals in mind. Nowadays, you can’t grow without a strong…

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Digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is hip and happening. Digital marketing is an increasingly heard definition, and more and more companies implement this…

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Technology & Data


Technology is the foundation of your (online) success. Technological developments and innovations in the digital field move so fast that…

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