Our benefits

  • Commitment

    Our team consists of a combination of driven specialists and t-shaped growth enhancers that do more than they are asked. We will become an extension of your organization. We will challenge you within every aspect that’s necessary. We don’t work for you, we work with you.
  • Speed

    We adapt quickly and proactively, which provides the basis for our long term relationship with you.
  • Data driven

    Data is leading and based on that we make decisions and ensure the best results. Our focus lies on growth activities that make an impact. We structurally approach that using our Prodos Growth Map.
  • Performance based

    We bill you for our accomplishments, not hours. Therefore, what we generate always exceeds what we cost.

Our focus

  • Our core values

    Freedom /  Responsibility / Trust / Solidarity
    We firmly believe in our culture. Our culture represents freedom, responsibility, trust and solidarity. This culture extends to our coworkers, partners and clients.
  • Freedom

    Freedom to help yourself and customers grow. Freedom to grab opportunities as an entrepreneur.
  • Responsibility

    With freedom comes responsibility. To ensure a customer’s growth, you need the responsibility to take on this challenge and ensure good results. We expect this from ourselves, but also from our clients. Responsibility is not without obligation..
  • Trust

    Having trust, and giving it, is about being trustworthy and sincere. But it’s also about honesty and transparency. Our collaborations, both internally and externally, are based on trust. If you ask us, that’s the foundation for success.
  • Solidarity

    Our collaborations are based on a long and sustainable relationship. Due to our way of cooperating we create a sincere affinity for each other.

This is us.

Global brand for businesses with ambition, run by an entrepreneurial spirit. Who are you? Start-up? Scale-up? Accelerator?

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