As a People & Culture Lead I am responsible for creating those preconditions so that our wonderful team can develop. In addition, I monitor our unique Prodos culture and I try to create such a working environment in which everyone finds his/her happiness at work. It can also break my mind about attracting new talent in this labor market. In this wonderful role I can use my experience as a people manager, entrepreneur and marketer.

The four pillars of our culture: Freedom, Responsibility, Trust and Connectedness run like a red thread through my life, which makes me feel like a fish in water at Prodos.

Besides work, my family is my top priority. Together with my husband, son and dog, I try to stroll through the dunes on the weekends, on Saturdays you can find me along the football fields or as a super supporter or as a first aider. To be able to process all this intense well, I end those days with a drink. To clear my head during the week, I hit the gym several times a week.

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