As an online marketing specialist, I make your turnover grow and set up the most optimal campaigns. With my experience as an all-round marketer, I have a lot of knowledge and know how to combine the right message with the right channel to make your campaign a success. To this end, we create a comprehensive plan together using our Prodos Growth Map for a sustainable cross-media campaign setup. With my campaigns, I reach the right target group at the right time.

At Prodos I have freedom, so a day at work is never the same. I also work with great colleagues who are always there for you. I am driven to achieve a good result. I am also very direct and say what needs to be said. With my creative and analytical outlook, I see new opportunities that I like to implement.

In my spare time I regularly make the tastiest pies, cakes, biscuits and brownies. Prodos’ favourite? Those are my brownies. I often take them to the office for everyone to enjoy. At home I have two very cute rabbits that I give a lot of love and care. I also love walking in the beautiful forest.

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