Since 1997 I have been active as Mats van der Graaf. After years of educational trajectory, which started at the playgroup in 2000, I graduated as a Commercial Economist in 2020 and immediately started working at Prodos as an Online Marketing specialist. I now know everything about SEA, I like to write blogs about trending topics such as TikTok and I am also involved in Social advertising and the opportunities offered by Marketplaces such as and Amazon. I distinguish myself through my verbal strength and my creativity. At Prodos I am left free to develop in my strengths and grow in my weaknesses. For me, that, in combination with the ping pong table, is the main reason that I have been working here very satisfied for a long time.

When you work with me, I think it’s important that you know who I am. Long live the small talk and the conversations with a piece of content. As an extrovert I like to be social and in the urban Utrecht I am often with friends on the terrace, in the park or at the bowling alley. Call it sad, call it genius, but since 2019 I have enjoyed playing with my team in an amateur bowling competition. Sometimes it’s more beer than bowling, but since this summer we are the reigning champions! Cooking, and especially Italian cuisine, makes my heart beat faster. Openness, conviviality and good food, that’s how you can sum me up I think.

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