After years of working on the customer side at retailers and A-brands, I have taken the step to share my tracking and CRO experience with Prodos and its customers.

If you ask me to look at improvements for your shop, you can expect a complete digital design including matching test proposals.

If you want to know how to convert visitors into sales as efficiently and sustainably as possible, then you’ve come to the right place!

In addition to my passion for CRO, I enjoy helping young professionals develop into true specialists.

As a Tech & Data Team Lead, I get energy from the ambitious team that I can help form.

For our customers we make the shop and campaigns measurable and help them create a vision for the future.

Outside working hours I can often be found on the volleyball court, where I am known for my cat-like reflexes and cheering on my team.

If you don’t see me in the sports hall, I’m probably fiddling with epoxy, flowers, clay or anything else I’ve come across in the shed.

This fiddling certainly came in handy when my husband and I decided to completely renovate a 1920s house.

Just walk into the new kitchen and the smell of a freshly baked apple cake might just meet you, welcome to the De Leeuw house!

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