In 1999 I entered the online world and from 2002 I continued as an entrepreneur with my own webshops and sites. In addition, I have always helped other companies with their online activities.

These experiences and lessons helped me to come up with the idea behind Prodos. I enjoy competing with clients and helping them with my experience and creativity. Thinking in solutions and possibilities is paramount to me.

I admire people with passion and ambition and enjoy working with them.

With great pleasure I live with my wife Cynthia, our son Lucas and Teun our dog in Amersfoort. In the weekends and in my spare time I like to be outside and go into nature. I have also been a trainer and coach of my son’s football team for 13 years now. For me a nice distraction to be on the field with the boys. I enjoy good food and a good glass of wine, especially with good company. To compensate for that, I can be found at the gym 3 to 4 times a week.

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