Display advertising, what is that?

Display advertising is an online advertising method that uses moving or dynamic banners on other websites. You can view it as the online version of advertising in a magazine, on a bus stop or on a road sign. It might be one of the most underestimated online marketing channels. Why? Because display advertising enables you to specifically target a certain audience, while regular advertising is more like random shooting. Besides that, display advertising has an enormous reach that greatly increases brand awareness and conversion ratio. Display advertising adds a lot of value higher in the funnel.

Display advertising is a top solution for effectively spreading online banners and can play a vital role in the customer journey.

Google Display Netwerk (GDN)

There are various display networks, but Google’s network is by far the most well-known. Google Display Network enables you to display your message to your targeted audience on hundreds or even thousands of websites simultaneously. This network enables you to reach about 90% of all internet users in your country. But by using targeted ads for specific target audiences, you decide who sees your ad and who doesn’t.

Programmatic via Criteo

Criteo offers online sellers the possibility to display ads to consumers that have visited the advertiser’s website before. Thanks to retargeting, you can reach potential customers again with personalized banners. Criteo makes sure that you display relevant ads at the right time.

Video advertising, what is that?

Besides display advertising, video advertising also plays an important role in branding and creating brand recognition. The great thing about video is that you have a lot of room for your message. Furthermore, targeting options are extensive, especially within YouTube’s advertising network. You can target for search behavior, interests or demographic data with precision. It’s essential that you use good content that conveys a message that is adjusted to the moment and the target audience.


YouTube is the largest video search engine in the world. With over two billion logged in users every month (in 2020), this is the platform to reach your target audience. This does require a solid strategy and expertise, especially when you want to spend your budget as effectively as possible. YouTube provides various ways of advertising, such as preroll (before the video starts) or overlay (during watching a video). We often use video sequencing as well. We adjust three videos to each other and display them one by one based on the target audience’s behavior. Based on that, we can apply the right branding and activate the target audience.

How can we help you?

Due to the high number of options that display and video advertising offer, it’s difficult to make the right choice and create a perfect campaign. We can help you with that. Our experts will work on the most efficient display campaign. An efficient campaign saves you money. Our experts know what works within Google Display and YouTube and what doesn’t. Targeting and retargeting are also very important. We can help you with that as well.

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