Here’s how to use email marketing the right way

When we set up your email campaign, we make sure that the customer or prospect receives the right message at the right time. Prodos specialises in online marketing. We know what your mailing should entail in order to score. 

Personal email marketing

Email marketing enables you to direct the right message to the right person. We use Mailchimp for email marketing; this programme is free and user friendly. Mailchimp enables you to design a digital newsletter. You can also personalise the message based on interests and with names and other information. The more the message has been adjusted to the receiver’s interests, the better the campaign.

You can even share the campaign on social media.

Interactive newsletters

But email marketing enables you to do much more than just sending messages to generate conversion. It can also give you more insight about the receiver by sending your respondents a questionnaire, for example. Or increase the number of leads by setting up and action site.

Measuring the effects of email marketing

In order to measure the performance of your newsletter, we connect Mailchimp to Google Analytics. That way, you can find out how receivers react to your newsletter, and what conversions result from email marketing.

Naturally, we make newsletters responsive, by which we mean that the newsletter adjusts itself to the screen measurements.

Why email marketing is still relevant

  • Personal attention.
  • The receiver has subscribed itself to newsletters. There is interest!
  • We can connect your email campaign to Google Analytics. This gives you the opportunity to monitor your campaign.
  • Direct communication via email is more effective than hard copy in certain cases.
  • We make newsletters responsive, in other words, the newsletter adjusts itself to the screen measurements. No matter what (mobile) device the receiver uses.

How do we proceed?

  1. Determine objectives

    First we determine expectations, objectives and the proper strategy.
  2. Building groundwork

    During this phase we start building a solid groundwork. We set up your database and create a design for your email template. A good start is half the battle! 
  3. Setting up a plan for optimisation

    We will complete a marketing calendar cooperatively. We work towards an extensive segmentation and effective, automated email campaigns. Think of campaigns that are activated during certain circumstances, such as a birthday. 
  4. Optimising

    We constantly monitor statistics and improve results by applying smart A/B tests.

What can Prodos do for you?

Want to know whether you are using email marketing correctly? Want to know what email marketing can do for your organisation? Please contact our specialist.

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