What is feed management?

Feed management is collecting and automatically using a website’s product database. A data feed is a product database’s export file. This automated file contains the products’ current information. Think of the products themselves, the description, pricing and current stock. This file can be spread to specific, feed-based channels. The advantage of this is that current product information is automatically transferred to other channels. 


Using multiple channels with the help of the product feed has many merits. An important merit is that all channels have the same product information. Is the product information updated in your online store? No problem, feed management makes sure that all connected channels automatically adopt the changes. 

Besides that, a proper data feed helps reach a large audience because it can easily be used on channels abroad. The result: more profit due to efficient use of online sales channels.

Which channels are suitable?

The product feed can be used to export product information to a large number of channels. The feed makes it possible to automatically transfer product information. You can use the data feed for the following channels:

How do we proceed?

  1. Surveying

    Our data feed specialists make sure that the current available feed is optimised. This is important, because all information should be correct and up to date.  Besides that, they supply the feed of the right specifications and they make sure that product data is as extensive as possible.
  2. Strategy

    When selecting the channels, it’s important to look at your strategy. Together with our specialists we determine which channels suit your objectives best.
  3. Using the feed

    Every feed must be accommodated to the channel it is connected to. After all, it’s important that all information is properly displayed.
  4. Optimisation and maintenance

    It is important to constantly analyse data and optimise. That way, we ensure you of the best results. 

What can Prodos do for you?

Want to know whether your feed is properly set up? Or are you curious about the possibilities of feed management for your organisation? Feel free to contact us.

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