Online advertising generally means advertising on Google

Google has a market share of 93%. But we have also campaigned successfully on Bing, Yandex and Baidu. Our experience tells us that very specific target audiences give the best results. Our philosophy is that the advertiser has to be where its potential customers are, no matter the platform.

What do we provide?

We provide our customers with a performance based cooperation for online marketing. No high rates and complicated campaign budgets, but profiting together based on the result. A solid and passionate approach to all your online activities. Driven by result with a pragmatic approach. At Prodos, we dislike long and complicated lines of communication; we prefer lines that are short and direct. That is how we focus on result. Shoulder to shoulder. 

We would love to discuss with you the possibilities that this cooperation can offer your organisation. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

How do we proceed?

  • Identify expectations

    In the first phase we identify your expectations. Then, we establish objectives that we can work towards to, together. The goals are adjusted to the various online channels that we deploy for you. 
  • Defining target audience

    You know your target audience best. Based on that, we will chart the search behaviour of your target audience, which concretises the target audience. 
  • Determining budget

    Most organisations have a set marketing budget for online campaigns. We can help by providing you with an assessment of average cost per visitor. This information determines the budget. We also take a good look at different approaches. That enables us to give you an estimate of the expected cost per sale or per number of visitors.
  • Building and optimising

    We have the experience in house that is needed to set up and optimise online campaigns of all sizes for Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu. In order to reach visitors a second time, we will also use the display network for remarketing.
  • Reporting

    We realise that search engine marketing is not self evident for everyone. That is why we continuously analyse the results. We report these results in a way that anyone can understand and that makes the costs and benefits clear.  


The right content plays an important role when you want to convince your target audience. We are experts when it comes to what works and what doesn’t. That is why we would be glad to advise you about what banners, pictures or videos suit your needs best. We can also develop content for you in house. This way, you have one single partner that unburdens you. 

What can Prodos do for you?

Do you want your website to rank high in Google when people are looking for your product or service? Please contact one of our search engine experts.

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