What is Pinterest?

Some people consider Pinterest just another social media channel. But Pinterest is different. It’s a visual search engine that revolves around images. These images can be saved on boards. Facebook and Instagram are more geared towards interaction. There is some interaction on Pinterest as well, but there’s no emphasis on it. People use Pinterest to be inspired creatively, or to search for solutions in everyday life.

Pinterest for businesses

Pinterest has more than 450 million users every month, worldwide, of which 5.34 million are from the Netherlands and 2.96 million are from Belgium. There are golden business opportunities when you use Pinterest. By advertising on Pinteresting, your target audience becomes aware of you early in their customer journey. Prodos has the knowledge and experience to make your Pinterest advertising successful.

Advantages Pinterest marketing:

  • High level of engagement from users
  • Can be applied during the see & think phase
  • New leads can be generated at low costs
  • You will rank higher in Google

How do we proceed?

  1. Research
    First, we research Pinterest’s marketing potential for your business. Then, we set targets and agree upon what the pins will display.
  2. Determining the right target audience
    During this step we determine the target audiences and how we approach them. Targeting the right audiences will ensure that the people who matter see your campaign.
  3. Determining strategy and creating content
    Together we develop an online strategy. Then, we set up boards that are easy to find, design images and determine text overlays.
  4. Setting up a keyword list
    Pinterest is a search engine, much like Google. That’s why it’s very important that users find your company with the right keywords. That’s why we set up a relevant keyword list together.
  5. Planning ahead
    Depending on your possibilities we will create frequency. Frequent presence ensures a greater visibility. We plan your pins ahead in order to ensure variety and frequency.
  6. Reporoting & evaluation
    Analysis is a crucial part of Pinterest for businesses. We report our analysis in a comprehensible manner and evaluate the results for you and possible changes in the approach.

How can we help you?

With your company visible on Pinterest? Our specialists are happy to help you with the management and/or ads for your Pinterest Marketing. We let your business grow with Pinterest.

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