This is how you can capitalise your number of visitors

By structurally measuring, optimising and analysing you can increase your website’s conversion percentage. In other words: conversion optimisation. Our specialists help you gain more profitability out of visitors.

  • More visitors
  • Increase your conversion percentage
  • Increase customer loyalty

How do we proceed?

  1. Your needs

    We understand that everyone has different objectives and needs. That is why we start by discussing your wishes and objectives. 
  2. Thorough website analysis

    Based on your wishes we thoroughly analyse your current website. We use Google Analytics and other tools for this. We make an overview of everything we notice. We discuss these points, and this will be the base of our plan of action. 
  3. Plan of action

    The plan of action contains every step that we need to take in order to improve the results. Possible steps are A/B tests, website adjustments and content creation. We also determine which conversions are important.
  4. A/B testing

    We set up several A/B tests in order to find the right conclusions swiftly and easily. When the analysis confirms that the test version is ready to go live, we will oversee the entire process. 
  5. Analysis and reporting

    During the entire process we analyse the results. We report the results in a way that is easy to comprehend.

Thorough Website Analysis

Using Google Analytics and interpreting statistics correctly provides a valuable insight into your visitors’ behaviour on your website. We can analyse this data for your website monthly. Based on these statistics, market information and experience we improve the conversion.

Conversion optimisation Tools

When improving your website’s conversion, testing is extremely important. While testing, we could show different versions of a page to different visitors, for example. 

Prodos makes use of:

  • Visual Website Optimizer
  • Google Analytics Experiments
  • SurveyMonkey
  • Optimizely

What can Prodos do for you?

Do you want to get more return from your existing visitors? Or do you want to increase the average order value? Please contact one of our professionals.

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