While standard e-commerce provides insight in specific, completed orders, enhanced e-commerce provides insight in your visitor’s complete funnel. Enhanced e-commerce not only reports the path of visitors that complete an order, but also the path of visitors that do not place an order. This provides valuable insights about the steps visitors take in your online shop, and helps you identify bottlenecks.

How do we proceed?

  1. Discuss wishes

    Naturally, everyone has different goals and needs for information. Therefore, we begin by discussing your wishes and what you wish to find out about your visitors.
  2. Action plan

    After taking stock, we start working on an action plan that clearly states what activities are needed to reach your goal. Naturally, we also divide these tasks between parties. We also set up a schedule for implementation.
  3. Setting up manual implementation datalayers

    Well-implemented data layers are crucial for the functioning of enhanced e-commerce. That is why we have created a manual that will help your IT partner to easily add the right code to your webshop.
  4. Setting up Google Tag Manager

    After the data layers have been properly implemented, we set up Google Tag Manager. The proper tags ensure that information is extracted from the data layers and is sent to Analytics.
  5. Testing

    In this phase we test whether Google Analytics is correctly supplied with data. If necessary, we adjust.
  6. Completion

    After testing ensures us that everything works properly, we go through the various reports together. We make sure that you are provided with all insights that matter to you. Finally, we complete enhanced e-commerce in consultation with your IT partner.

What insights does enganced e-commerce provide?

Shop and payment behavior

Even with the best products and merchandising, your website’s design and technique must provide a perfect user experience. From browsing products and finding specifications to adding to a shopping cart and completing a transaction, everything must run smoothly and pleasantly.

The report ‘Shopping behavior’ provides a detailed overview of the involvement of users. The report contains data about viewing products, adding products to shopping carts (and deleting them from it), and about initiating, leaving and completing transactions. This report enables you to optimize important steps in your funnel.

The ‘Payment behavior’ shows an overview of steps that users take during the payment process. The steps can be defined in data layers in order to start at the shopping cart. This report provides you with insight about the efficiency of your checkout.

Economic performances

The reports ‘product performances and sales performances’ provide insight into individual orders and the performance of products in product categories. For example, the Product list performance report analyzes how often users are active within a certain product category.

Besides that, the report provides insight in specific product performances within their respective categories. This may lead to valuable insights that you can use to adjust your marketing activities. For example, you could highlight products that have a high conversion ratio!

What can Prodos do for you?

Do you wish to gain more insight into your users’ shopping and payment behavior? And do you wish to gain more insight into the performance of specific products within their respective categories? Contact our professionals.

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