Let’s get started with marketing automation!

Perhaps you are already using a marketing automation tool, or maybe you want to start using one. Marketing automation is suitable and effective for all businesses, regardless of products or market. Marketing automation has an especially important role in the final two phases of the customer journey (do and care phase). The most used functions are geared to automatically gathering newsletter subscriptions, convince indecisive visitors, and to generate more profit from existing customers by stimulating cross and upsell.

Marketing automation has two different sub disciplines: marketing automation for the consumer market (e-commerce) and marketing automation for business for business (B2B).


  1. Automate recurring tasks
  2. Better adjustment between marketing and sales
  3. Increasing total customer value (CLV)
  4. More relevance for target audience
  5. Better relationship with customer groups

Marketing automation for E-commerce

Marketing automation within an e-commerce organization is not just focussed on optimizing the existing customer journey, but also on extending it. We call this the pre-purchase phase and the post-purchase phase.

Pre-purchase fase: During this phase we focus on automating marketing campaigns, effectively collecting newsletter subscriptions, and convincing indecisive visitors with pop-ups and emails. During this phase it’s important that any obstacle is taken away.

Post-purchase fase: During this phase we focus on automating email activities that lead to customer loyalty and an increase of total customer value. For example, welcoming new customers, feedback and review requests, cross and upsell activities, stimulating repeat sales, and setting up a customer program. During this phase, it’s important that a customer’s activities convert to an ambassador.

Marketing automation for B2B

When applying marketing automation for the B2B market, the emphasis should be on effectively generating leads and sales meetings. In doing so, it is important that your website offers a personal experience that prompts the potential client to leave its personal details. This interaction is followed up by smart emails. The goal is to build up a relationship with potential clients. We focus on trust and take care of a seamless switch from marketing to sales. We do this with clever newsletters, podcasts, webinars, blogs, infographics, ebooks, flyers, videos and much more dynamic content.

Marketing automation Tools

To reach the maximum potential of marketing automation, we use the most advanced tools. Depending on your wishes, we determine which tools are most relevant. For example, we work with: