1. I have a website, but I’m not happy with it!

    You have a (new) website, but you are not happy with its online appearance, content or functionalities? Before you can set out to improve your findability or work on online advertising, you have to make sure your website meets your wishes and needs. We can advise you about that, but we can also do all the work for you.  
  2. My website is fine, but I want to optimize it even further!

    Your website is solid as a rock, but you know it’s not finished yet. Based on your new ideas, advice from marketing, and CRO there is a need to develop your platform even further. This will provide you with a competitive advantage and lets you achieve the maximum potential with existing traffic. Improving your website also has a positive effect on its organic findability in search engines. 

Our approach:

Whether you want to renew or optimize, we start with the basics. We will ask you questions such as:

  • What’s the role in the customer journey?
  • What’s the capacity?
  • What have you not done yet?
  • What difficulties are you facing?
  • What’s the usability like (how does your target audience use your website)?
  • How well has SEO been implemented?

We use the answers to these questions to prioritize. We will rank activities by effect and importance. These activities must contribute to the realization of your goals consistently and systemically.

Next steps

Based on our marketing and development experience we delve into the possibilities and create a roadmap. We do this in consultation with your website’s administrator. It does not matter whether the website is managed internally or externally. We create a clear roadmap and distribute priorities. Based on the development team’s availability we plan the start and completion of activities.

Do you think your platform has more potential?

We would love to discuss the possibilities and optimizations with you.

Let's Talk!