Are you someone who:

  1. Know what your customers need, even if they don’t explicitly ask for it??

  2. Focused on getting results: business growth for our clients?

  3. Knows how to implement structure, how to optimise and how to recognise opportunities for improvement?

What does the job entail?

As Senior Online Marketer you are responsible for a number of own clients, where you actively support projects, create structure and identify new opportunities. Besides that you will actively develop yourself, both on business and personal level.

What’s your day like?

Want an idea of what a Senior Online Marketeer at Prodos does in a day? We’ve outlined some of your responsibilities:

  • You are responsible for monitoring the schedules and budgets.
  • A (perhaps vague) briefing can easily be translated into a clear briefing for your colleagues so they know exactly what to do.
  • As a contact person for your clients, you will be in regular contact with them to coordinate the progress of a project. It may also mean that you spend a few days at the customer’s office.
  • You keep a sharp eye on which tasks remain unfinished and which growth programmes are still underperforming.
  • You make sure things actually get done and that everyone working on the project meets their deadlines.
  • As the person ultimately responsible for the results of a number of clients, you ensure that results are clear and visible to both colleagues and clients.
  • You really work together with the client instead of for the client. This is due to the Performance element in the collaboration.
  • You have a real influence on the results of clients.
  • You will be involved in all aspects of the business of both Prodos and its clients. This guarantees a strong personal growth!

We’re looking for someone who…

  • At least 3 years of relevant (online) marketing work experience. Preferably at an agency;
  • Strong affinity with social media (both strategic and managing social paid campaigns);
  • Be able to substantively manage the online marketing and sales team at the client;
  • Experience in managing projects;
  • Knows how to recognize improvements in the customer;
  • Always remains positive and problem-solving;
  • Knows how to convince without being pushy;
  • The ability to maintain a good overview of the various activities and projects;
  • Intervene where necessary;
  • Creating structure by implementing processes;
  • Know how to use all relevant tools and platforms. (Think Google Ads, Analytics Tools, VWO and SEO Tools).

This is what we offer you…

  • An open culture;
  • Room for own opinion and initiative;
  • The opportunity to work for ambitious and leading companies;
  • Lots of room for personal development and growth;
  • A good salary;
  • The chance to beat your colleagues with a game of darts or poker;
  • Variable bonus depending on your performance;
  • Non-contributory pension (via Brand New Day);
  • 24 vacation days (if you promise to come back);
  • Responsibility for managing your own accounts. From A to Z.


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Application procedure

  1. Introductory meeting.

  2. Case.

  3. Assessment.

Who is Prodos?

We are the online growth accelerator for e-commerce start-ups, scale-ups and accelerators with ambitions to realize (turnover) growth. We focus on structural growth by combining the latest growth tactics across all relevant online platforms and channels, led by our tailor-made Prodos Growthmap.


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