The advantages of marketplaces

There are therefore many advantages to leveraging these kinds of marketplaces. Besides providing an additional sales channel, resulting in increased turnover, it also offers a lot of brand awareness. In addition, various studies show that more and more consumers are starting their online search on such marketplaces. It is therefore increasingly important to have a presence here as well.

  • Large international reach
  • Additional sales channel and more turnover at low financial risk
  • Full control of product list and pricing
  • Real-time sales overview and stock management/integration.

Marketplace marketing

Marketplace marketing is the act of listing and selling your products on one or more marketplaces. For you to do all this manually by yourself is a hopeless task. It also involves a lot more. The products must all be transferred. A real-time stock and sales overview needs to be available and the products need to be optimised. In addition, it is still possible to advertise within an Amazon, for example. This requires a completely different approach. And that’s where Prodos’ experts come in handy.

Marketplace advertising

Alongside establishing a shop in one of the marketplaces, there is also the option of advertising. Here, you use paid ads to direct search traffic within the marketplaces to your product pages. With this pull technique, you can effectively drive sales. This type of advertising is relevant because, as an advertiser, you already know someone is looking for your types of products. Working together with Prodos? If so, we will make sure your products are optimally visible to the relevant target group on the relevant marketplaces. This way, you can be sure that no sales opportunity goes unused.

Which marketplaces?

Without a doubt, you have already got an idea which marketplaces are of interest to you. The convenient software integration allows us to place your products on Amazon,, eBay, Beslist, Google shopping, Kieskeurig, Marktplaats, Not sure which marketplaces are most interesting for you? Our experts will be happy to provide you with suitable advice.

Feed management

When it comes to feed management, we use Channable, the easiest link between your CMS and comparison sites, affiliate networks and marketplaces. It is very effective in helping you develop and optimise your data feed, as it enables you to advertise much more easily. It also updates your assortment automatically from one place. As a result, you always have an up-to-date offer on every channel or site and your information is always up to date. We are an official Channable partner!!

Free marketplace potential check!

Are you curious what marketplaces and/or feed management can do for your organisation? Request our free marketplace potential check! In an extensive document, we explain the potential of your product range and pricing on marketplaces.

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How do we proceed?

  1. Strategy

    First of all, together with you, we determine the strategy that matches your turnover targets. In doing so, we not only consider your budget, but also the various possibilities. For instance, we examine where your target group is located and which channels have the most potential.
  2. Creating & linking systems

    After this, we directly begin the process for you. We connect your webshop and CMS system to the marketplaces you want to use. In addition, we set up the ICT systems for you in such a way that everything is perfectly synchronised. This gives you a real-time link to your own webshop and stock at all times.
  3. Transfer of products

    When all systems have been connected and tested, we take the product portfolio live. We also set up the storefront and everything else for you.
  4. Maintenance

    Once a month, we work within your chosen marketplaces to optimise the product range, define new pricing strategies, advertise if necessary and carry out any maintenance. And of course we are always available for questions or support.