The development of e-health is currently in its early stages, but will experience a rapid growth in coming years. The competition is tough, however. It’s a challenge to get the right visitor at the right place. And the visitor’s expectations concerning its health and the interactions are rising.

How can we help you?

Besides content, technique and authority are important to health and wellbeing. We assist you in taking the right steps. For instance, structuring a development roadmap or guiding the development department or an external party. In terms of content marketing we can both advise you or do all the work for you.

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Our approach

Together, we set up all marketing competencies on all levels within the organization. Whether you outsource completely or set up your own department, we start at the beginning.

For this, we will develop a tailored plan based on data and adjusted to your target audience and the customer journey. In this plan we ensure every funnel phase of added value. All roles and activities are divided into available tools. That way, we can build your (online) growth sustainably.

Services that play an important role in this part:

Content marketing

Content is king. Content marketing is more than just writing creative articles. With good content marketing you provide the consumer…


Marketing automation

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a discipline that enables you to increase the effectiveness of marketing on multiple online channels. You can…


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