Growth program for accelerators

In this programme, we determine together which direction you should take to successfully expand and take the next step. Whether you want to expand in product range, target groups, markets, countries or channels? We will think along with you and give you the right building blocks for success. With the right use of knowledge, tools and partners, together we will build on your international online success.

Your starting point

You know what is needed to become successful. However, expanding existing growth requires even more knowledge and expertise. Expanding to foreign countries, unknown markets and new target audiences is challenging. Prodos is aware of this like no other. That is why our specialists develop a growth plan with you, adjusted to your goals.

The growth plan

You are on the right track for reaching your goals, but you know there is more potential. In order to reach this potential, the foundation must be good and we must focus on expanding activities together. Before we start, we use your current situation and data to find out what opportunities you have and we can grow.

We do this with the Prodos Growth Map. From the Growth Map we take a look at your business case and how your digital landscape has been set up. How has your monetization phase been set up and how do you attract customers? These insights are supported by data. Together, we determine focus and optimize existing customer journeys. We determine what activities shall be started.

Proper insight in every step enables us to adjust towards growth on all channels and activities. That’s how we determine optimization of activities, such as content and advertising budget. Whether it’s email marketing or social advertising, it must add value in the customer journey and contribute to your success.


Applying the right activities

Within several growth programs, we offer a uniquely adjusted approach of channels and activities. Do you wish to outsource, or do it yourself? You can consult us about this. How? Together, we determine the approach and then our specialists work to make your goals a reality. We do that in accordance with the four pillars of online marketing:


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