Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 is the brand-new successor to the well-established “Universal Analytics”, offering many advantages over its predecessor. Google Analytics 4, for instance, focuses more on the user than was previously the case. Depending on your needs, we can deploy Google Analytics 4 and any related events, including e-commerce reports.

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Server-side tagging

In the digital landscape, the term “cookie-less future” has now become a familiar one. The term refers to the (near) future in which so-called third-party cookies may no longer be used. Implementing server-side tagging prepares you for this and also allows you to get even more out of your data. We can provide that implementation from A to Z, as well as play an advisory role.

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If you want to know something, you measure it. It makes sense to make Business decisions based on data. But sometimes it’s very difficult to maintain a good overview on data, because that data is from Google Analytics, your own spreadsheets, transactions and financial systems. We create overview by setting up a dashboard.

A dashboard that displays a complete and real time overview of all company information. An overview that helps you make decisions and tells you which campaigns need adjustments. We implement various sources such as Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook, transactions, turnover, and more. This data is processed into comprehensible graphs and tables.

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Feed management

Feed management is the collection and automated processing of a website’s products. These products are processed to marketplaces such as Amazon, but also advertisement giants such as Facebook and Google. Therefore, a properly set up and optimized product feed from a renowned tool is essential. This ensures that all product information is automatically and completely available on all channels and platforms. The proper use of feed management can hasten the realization of your ambitions.

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Marketing automation

Have you finally decided to make your activities worth their while? Then it’s important to increase the total customer lifetime value (CLV). You can do this with a marketing automation tool. This tool automates different processes concerning cross selling and upselling and it stimulates repeat sales. You can also use this tool for newsletters and automating campaigns.

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White label solution

We also offer the above services in a white label solution, where you can offer our tech & data services on your own behalf. This way, we become an extension of your marketing team!

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With the right tools it’s possible to visualize the use and effects of certain activities. This will help you navigate to your goal. Besides effectiveness, tools greatly contribute to efficiency as well. Your company’s machine room must be properly set up. Depending on your resources, goals and ambition we determine how we can set up your machine room most effectively.


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