Your starting point

Your basis is sound and your existing activities are making money. Yet you want to take your entire organisation to the next level. You know there is more to be gained, but you are also aware that this requires a solid strategy and approach. To realise this, you are looking for a partner. A partner who can think and work with you on a strategic and an operational level.



Data driven

Performance based

The proper building blocks

Successful online growth can be defined by seven building blocks. The building blocks are organization and corporate service, customers and customer value, cross selling and up selling, website and conversion, existing traffic, existing activities, and new activities. For every building block we determine what you need to reach your goals. Based on your ambitions and available resources we determine the starting point, how we keep focus, and the expected results.

The growth plan

Based on data and past results, we define various activities. We use the customer journey as a starting point while doing this. By using Google’s STDC model, we determine the strategy of the activities. Whether it’s about increasing the average order value, improving platform conversion, or aiming for an increase of (more relevant) traffic, it must effectively contribute to success.

The next step is mapping out various customer journeys and corresponding funnels. Proper insight enables us to focus on growth on all channels and activities. This way, we determine further strategies of our activities, from advertising budget to content. Whether it’s about email marketing or social advertising, it must add value to the customer journey and contribute to your success.


Deploying the proper activities

When we have determined these activities, how do we divide tasks and make sure we have good focus? Within various growth programs we offer a uniquely adjusted approach of channels and activities. Do you want to outsource or do it yourself? You can consult us about this. How? We determine the approach together and then our specialists work to make your goals a reality. We do that in accordance with the four pillars of online marketing:


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