Your starting point

We start with a business case. This is your starting point. Together, we determine goals and ambitions and how to gain insight in growth. We substantiate this with financial insight in order to justify the project and the investment. After successfully designing a business case, it’s time to define the building blocks that are needed to make this project a success.

Determining the proper building blocks

Successful online growth can be defined by seven building blocks. By determining and setting up these building blocks for you, we develop a blueprint for your successful online growth. But what building blocks are we talking about? We are talking about organization and corporate service, customers and customer value, cross selling and up selling, website and conversion, existing traffic, existing activities and new activities.

Based on your ambitions and available resources we determine a few things: the starting point, how we keep focus, and the expected results. We process this in a roadmap. This roadmaps revolves around how we can successfully generate turnover, the role of the customer journey, and what activities have been defined.

The growth plan

In order to grow turnover successfully, structurally and consistently, it’s important to know what we have to finetune. As a start-up, it’s not only important to set up the acquisition of new customers, it’s also vital to set up a good foundation for monetization. In other words, how do we make sure that customers return after a first order? This provides a different perspective on your acquisition budget. By using tooling, we set up an automatic process that maximizes total customer value (CLV).

It’s also important to set up a structural process that continuously improves your website. We focus on more results from existing traffic.

The next step is mapping out various customer journeys and corresponding sales funnels. Insight in all steps enables us to steer growth on all channels and activities. That way we determine how to pursue activities, from advertising to content and budgets. Whether it’s email marketing or social advertising, it must add value to the customer journey and contribute to your success.


Determining the proper activities

But how do we determine these activities? Within various growth programs we offer a uniquely adjusted approach of channels and activities. Do you want to outsource or do it yourself? You can consult us about this. How? We determine the approach together and then our specialists work to make your goals a reality. We do that in accordance with the four pillars of online marketing:


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